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    英语励志短文:Your Starting Point

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      英语励志短文:your starting pointyou are where you are. accept it and feel the power your acceptance gives you to move forward.this moment is as it is. accept its uniqueness and experience the freedom of not having to fight against it.there are difficult challenges in your life. accept them and feel the energy that will enable you to rise above them.accept that this is your starting point. instead of placing judgements on it, see the real, positive value that”s already yours. you cannot change where your past priorities* and choices have brought you. yet you can make use of the wisdom you”ve earned to create a future that fulfils your most treasured dreams.lovingly and gratefully accept who you”ve been, what you”ve done, what you have and where you are. for you can now transform it all into what you most wish to be.参考译文:你的起点你就处在这样一个位置。 接受这个事实孝顺父母的故事,感受随之而来的力量,这份力量会驱使你前进。 此刻就是这样。 接受这一刻的独特性,体验无需与之对抗的自由。 活中充满了艰巨的挑战。 接受这些挑战孝顺父母的故事,鼓足勇气去战胜它们。 相信此刻就是你的起点。 无需再判断,看到你所具备的真正意义上的价值。 你过去认为重要的事和以前做过的选择给你带来了什么都是无法改变的。 然而你可以充分利用你的智慧去创造未来,实现你最珍爱的梦想。 满怀爱心和感激之情,接受现实的自己故事,接受你所做过的、你所拥有的以及你所处的位置。 现在你可以按你的愿望去改变它们。
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