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      I like animals very much. I have a dog, It’s my favourite animal.

      It’s white, It looks like a snow ball. It has two big eyes and ears. But its nose and mouth are very small. It’s very naughty.

      It often stares at my food when I have a meal. When I’m home it follows me all the time.

      When I do my homework, it often sits beside quietly, but sometimes runs around me and shouts: wom wom.

      I like my dog very much.


      I like animals very much, such as horses,monkeys, cats, tigers and so on.

      But I like dogs best. Why? Because they are very cute and nice.

      I have a white dog. Its name is Bobo. She is a female dog.She comes from Beijing,China.

      She wears white clothes and she has two big eyes and a small month.She often walks round and round at home.

      It has nothing to do.She likes eating ice-cream so much.So do I.When I eat ice-cream,she will look at the ice-cream carefully,So I will give her some to eat.

      I think Bobo is the cutest dog in the world.


      I have a lovely dog. Its name is YoYo. I like it very much.

      It has two big ears, two big and bright eyes. Its hair is brown. It has come to my home for a year. It has become a part of my family.

      It has its own house, but it likes to sleep under my bed, play in my house.

      I like talking to it, because it's a friend worth of trusting.

      I would like to share my happy things with it. When I am sad, talking to it makes me feel good.

      I am happy to have such a lovely friend.

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