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      I have a new deskmate this new term. His name is Zhang Gao, male.He is 1.8 metres in height. He looks like a sportsman for sun-tanned skin.Strongly-buih body and well-developed figure make him quite healthy.There is a pair of big eyes below his thick eyebrows. He speaks very fast and fluently, but what he says is very clear. When he speaks, he is always making some gestures. He dreams of being an actor and I have no doubt that his dream will come true. Whenever he sees you,he always gives you a friendly smile which makes you comfortable. He is a good student. I hope he will have a wonderful future. I like my new deskmate.





      Yi Jianlian ,a famous basketball player, is from Guangdong, China. He was born on October 27th.1987. He is 2.12 meters tall. This handsome boy became a college student in 2003.He was chosen to play for the National Basketball Team in January, 2004. This young man is the second Chinese player in NBA after Yao Ming. In his spare time, he likes listening to pop music and playing computer games. Now he is trying his best to learn English well.

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